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Best Restaurants in Seminyak 2023 – Seminyak is becoming one of the most popular neighborhoods in Bali. It’s a great place for those who want to party day and night. There are plenty of cool cafes, hip restaurants and places to have some dishes and drinks… it’s a complete hedonistic ‘hood!

You’ll surely want to dedicate at least an entire day (or week!) to exploring the best restaurants in Seminyak, so let us point you towards a few of our top choices. Yum, today we are going to explore Seminyak’s best cafes and restaurants for breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night eats. These nocturnal haunts will satisfy every hungry moment of your time in town.

Shelter Cafe

Seminyak Best Restaurants

Escape the hustle and bustle of Seminyak with a relaxing, chilled-out rooftop dining experience that’s perfect for any time of the day. With both a café and flexible coworking space, Shelter is the perfect meeting spot for digital nomads. 

They offer a unique and comfortable ambience which many have come to appreciate. 

We could spend an entire day here, grazing on the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean plates that are bursting in flavour and colour. And the best bit is, they’ve opened in Canggu too, so you’re never too far from Shelter!

Spice Mantraa Seminyak

Top Restaurants Seminyak

Spice Mantra is a casual, fine-dining restaurant in Seminyak that serves contemporary Indian food from all over the country. While the aromas, flavors, and spices are authentic, each classic recipe has been reinvented and given a modern twist. 

You’ll have to try them for yourself to see what we mean. That’s the contribution of an ambitious group of six chefs from different parts of India. We recommend trying the flavourful Mulligatawny soup spiced with various spices or the succulent butter chicken smothered in an irresistible brown sauce.

Si Jin

Restaurants Seminyak

A modern steakhouse with a Korean twist? Count us in. This sophisticated steakhouse had us at its premium cuts and award-winning rep — 30-day aged Sumatran rib eye and signature black striploin are standouts. 

The Tipsy Jamaican and the Ticket to Seoul are popular choices at the bar. But don’t stop there– They also have some epic cocktails! 

We recommend roasted sesame, crispy garlic rayu, and silken tofu namul with Wagyu butter. This is a showstopper. It’s often booked out for months, so you’ll need to book your table well in advance.


Seminyak Restaurant

Sisterfields is a Melbourne-inspired cafe that has taken the Balinese crowd by storm. They’re busy every day of the week, which is undoubtedly a good sign! 

Understandably, you might dread dining at Sisterfields, but the service here is always faultless, so the staff quickly meets your needs. 

They have a range of incredible dishes available to satisfy any taste – pulled pork charcoal rolls, steak, and polenta are all Instagram-ready dishes.

Ginger Moon

Best Restaurant Seminyak

The heart of Ginger Moon is first class chef Dean Keddell. They use a range of regional flavours and ingredients and serve them in fun, exciting ways while still keeping the presentation familiar. The flavors firmly remind you where you are in the world’ Dean says that he learnt one very important thing when travelling the world.

He says, ‘Whenever people share a meal with friends, family or loved ones, this is when they are at their happiest.’ This is why we recommend ordering several dishes when you come to Ginger Moon, take your time and really spend some quality time with your friends. The experience will be all the better for it.

Ginger Moon’s bar offers a creative list of locally-inspired cocktails, as well as several icy cold beers to complement its cuisine. They offer a small, but surprisingly varied wine list, as well as an innovative fresh tropical juice menu and a variety of loose leaf teas.

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